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Just a note to let you know how much we enjoyed the worship service recently. It was really the highlight of our vacation – we could feel the Lord’s presence when we walked in and were greeted so warmly. We get so hungry for services that have been bathed in prayer – we could sense time had been spent in prayer over that worship service. We were truly blest!

In Christian love, A&EY

Knowledge: through the Prayer Council, I have learned SO MUCH about the meaning, process, and power of an active prayer life. The book study has been amazing and I am digging into the Word in greater depth than ever before.

Discernment: looking up the definition I found, “perception in the absence of judgement with a view to obtaining spiritual direction and understanding,” – I would guess most of us originally joined the Prayer Council to gain spiritual direction and understanding. If we were truly able to perceive the world around us without judgement, imagine the way we would pray for others! The love we would show! The difference we would make! The souls we would impact!  

Tammy H